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A closed shower space with access

From small spaces to large surface areas, this enables the placing of the shower access to be selected.

Lots of innovation built in for simplicity: simple to install, simple to use! A custom design to replace your old bath or shower, and fits your bathroom configuration perfectly. Advantages: ergonomic folding seat, anti-slip floor and very low threshold. Key features: A walk-in shower which is easily installed to replace your old bath, sized to fit that space to the millimetre. A 100% adjustable design for a custom-made shower, which guarantees you a roomy shower area. No floor or wall tiling work, installed in 1 day. A very low access sill, anti-slip coating, a handrail and a foldable anti-slide seat for complete safety.

Key features

  • Fully enclosed space 
  • Sliding doors


  • Space fully enclosed
  • Sliding doors
  • Walls: sliding doors (Triplex glass)
  • Shower tray: extra flat (4 cm minimum) and anti-slip
  • Wall panels: made of polyester resin
  • Mixer tap: thermostatic with bar and showerhead
  • Seat: aluminium frame, adjustable and foldable
  • Handrails: 2 ergonomic rails
  • walk in shower

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