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Perfectly suited for straight staircases

The Dynasty model has a great number of qualities, with its versatility, monorail design, directional seat, and step fitted with sensors for maximum safety. It complies with all European standards and is exported throughout the world.

Key features

  • Particularly suitable for straight staircases.
  • Drop-nose system so that the rail stops at the first step of the staircase


  • Type of installation: monorail
  • Type of rail: varnished steel, available in several colours: white, anthracite grey and nut-brown
  • Operation: on batteries
  • Recharging points: at the ends of the rail + additional points possible as an option
  • Type of seat: foldable
  • Seat colours: blue, green, grey, brown, red and sisal
  • Pivoting: at the top on a manual seat
  • Type of footrest: foldable, connected to the seat
  • Footrest pivoting: pivots with the seat
  • Remote controls: 2 remote controls +1 additional remote control if there is a landing
  • Safety: safety belt
  • Alarm: buzzer
  • Switch: power switch
  • Ignition key: detachable joysticks
  • Straight Stair lift
  • Straight Stair lift
  • Straight Stair lift
  • Straight Stair lift
  • Straight Stair lift

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