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Indépendance Royale: The company

Dominique Boulbès, Chairman of Indépendance Royale.

At Indépendance Royale, we are proud of our history.

This history is primarily that of three successive generations which, one after the other, have patiently forged our experience and our know-how.

In the beginning, an inspired inventor, William D. Steadman, who all his life invented and developed products, some of which have become famous, winning prestigious Lépine awards.

Today, Indépendance Royale is a completely French company that has never deviated from a very simple line of direction: to retain the human dimension to stay close to its customers. Rooted in the French heartland, every day our staffs keep the spirit of the company's founders alive.

By choosing Indépendance Royale, you are putting your trust in men and women who will listen to you, advise you, be attentive to your wishes: this is a new human story that is starting...

Dominique Boulbès

Chairman of Indépendance Royale