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Travel wheelchair

The Go Chair is the very best in electric wheelchairs from the leading brand in the market. The Go Chair is the first electric wheelchair that combines a small footprint, excellent handling and style for a very low price. The Go Chair can be easily dismantled to be transported and fits into most car boots.

Key features

  • Compact and easily removable batteries, light chassis
  • Dismantles into four parts
  • Can be placed in most car boots
  • Maximum speed of 5.5 km/h and enough power to drive you where you want to go
  • Double motors with individual clutch disengagement for better traction and accurate driving


  • Turning radius of 57 cm
  • Possible options: Crutch bracket, walking stick bracket, oxygen bracket, walking frame bracket, rear basket
  • Weight capacity 113 kg
  • Maximum speed 5.5 km/h
  • Ground clearance 3.5 cm
  • Turning radius 68 cm
  • Length 82 cm
  • Width 48 cm
  • Rear wheels 20 cm (full)
  • Front wheels 13 cm (full)
  • Anti-tilt 8 cm (full) 
  • Limited suspension
  • Electronic regenerative braking system and intelligent brakes
  • Folding standard seat, compact, light
  •     Range of up to 10 km
  •     External charger, 2A
  •     Electronics 50A, PG VSI
  •     Type of batteries (2) 12V, 12 Amps
  •     Weight of batteries 9 kg
  •     Weight of the base 26 kg (including the front and rear assembly, without batteries)
  •     Weight of the standard seat 11 kg
  • Go Chair electric scooter
  • Go Chair electric scooter

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