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Stair lifts

My house is old and I have an old wooden staircase. I'm afraid that it might be impossible to install a stair lift there. What do you think?

We have made immense progress over recent years and today I would say that there are only very few situations in which we could not install an Indépendance Royale stair lift. All the possibilities are explained to you in the Free Guide. You will see that your staircases can without doubt accommodate one of our stair lifts without any problem. In reality, every week we install in old houses that have old wooden staircases, even very narrow ones!

I've been thinking about a stair lift for several months and I have already noted your company. My problem is that I have a large build (117 kilos) and I wonder if that would work.

Yes, don't worry, you are not an exception, far from it. In fact, some of our models are guaranteed for loads that are much greater than your weight! So therefore don't worry…

I am very interested in your Free Guide, but I would like to know if a stair lift costs a lot of money.

Thank you for your interest. With regard to the cost of a stair lift, you should note that we install more and more of them. And the new models are much more sophisticated and less expensive to manufacture. This is why our models are currently very affordable. Everything will be explained to you if you request our new Free Guide. In any case, our stair lifts are for everyone, not just those who have large means!

I have heard about a tax credit for the purchase of a stair lift but I do not know if I can benefit from it.

Yes, you can benefit from a tax credit equal to 25% of the cost of your equipment. This tax credit is granted for all expenses connected with equipment that especially designed for older or disabled people which is installed within their main residence. This tax credit is deducted from the taxes that you pay; if you are not a taxpayer, the Public Treasury will send you a cheque for the corresponding amount.

When do I recharge my stair lift batteries?

You don't have to do anything; they automatically recharge during a journey as well as when stationary when your stair lift is at the recharging point.

If there is a power cut when I am using my stair lift, will I find myself stuck in the middle of the staircase?

Don't worry, your chair stair lift will continue to function in the event of a power cut, because the batteries are continuously recharged; you will therefore finish your journey easily.

I have started to get some information and I have seen that there are different models on offer on the market. How do I choose between them?

There are indeed different models and they each have their own special features. Firstly, an assessment should be made of your staircase in order to find out its configuration and to make an initial selection.
As a distributor, Indépendance Royale has selected different models for you that can meets almost all configurations, and which in addition offer you a wide choice in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics.

My husband cannot bend his right leg. Is there a model which would enable him to make the journey without sitting down or is this too dangerous?

Don't worry, there are indeed models that are particularly useful in cases where the user of the stair lift has knee articulation problems. These models will enable him to make the journey standing up incomplete safety because they are fitted with a safety belt.

Are your models guaranteed?

Yes, all our models have a two-year parts and labour guarantee. We have increased the guarantee to 5 years on main parts!

How long does it take to install a stair lift?

That depends on the models (straight staircase or turning, on one or more floors). Generally speaking, installation is carried out in one day and you can start to use it right away.


Does the installation entail large works?

No, IdealDouche can be installed in one day. It is custom-designed and fits the size of your old bath perfectly without floor or wall tiling work. The Indépendance Royale team arrives in the morning, and the next day you can take your shower.

I have a shower cubicle but now I want to have more space, is this possible?

IdealDouche is adjusted to fit on the day of installation. All you need to tell us is the desired location on the ground and any elements (a bidet, for example) which must be removed. Your shower will then be installed in this new space.

Does the installation of an IdealDouche change my water consumption?

Yes, of course. Studies conducted by the Circle of French craftsmen show that on average, 160 litres of water are needed to take a bath as against 40  litres of water for a shower; furthermore, the use of shower roses with incorporated emulsion enable only 25 litres to be consumed on average. For a couple, this therefore means that 270 litres are saved every day!

My bathroom is small, can an IdealDouche still be installed?

IdealDouche is often put into bathrooms in flats and apartments which are relatively cramped – the minimum size is 80 cm x 100 cm. The glazed closures are adapted if there is an obstacle or difficult access.

I wish to change the location of my taps. Is this possible without getting in a plumber?

Yes, all you need to do is indicate the place where you wish to see the taps installed to our teams - our exclusive integrated system enables the incoming networks to be adjusted on the day installation.

I had the tiling redone in my bathroom last year – is it possible to keep it?

Yes. IdealDouche is precisely designed to be incorporated into the existing surroundings (tiling, floor tiles etc.) without modifying it.

Can I take my shower completely safely?

We have designed IdealDouche so that you can take your shower in complete safety: the tray is covered with an anti-slip coating which meets the strictest European standards and, what's more, the shower equipment is very complete: very low access sill, ergonomic seat and grab handles.

Do I have the right to a 25% tax credit?

Yes, you get a 25% tax credit on a maximum amount of €10,000 for a couple and €5000 for a single person. If you are not a taxpayer, the Public Treasury will send you a cheque.

Walk-in baths

Does the installation of a walk-in bath require large works?

The installation of a walk-in bath is usually done in a single day. The works are carried out by competent and experienced technicians who visit on appointment. Rubble and used equipment are removed by them, and you will find your bathroom in a completely clean state. You do not have to worry about anything.

Are walk-in baths truly sealed? Is there not a risk of leakage?

The side door is fitted with very high-quality seals. As the bath fills up, the pressure of the water keeps the door closed and ensures perfect sealing.

My bathroom is small. Can I still have a walk-in bath installed?

With a smaller footprint than a traditional bath (but much deeper), walk-in baths fit all configurations and all styles of bathroom. Depending on the model, they can even be installed in place of a shower tray! With a frugal and elegant aesthetic, they therefore meet all your expectations.

Will I be able to close the door when I am sitting in the bath?

Thanks to our patented integrated self-locking closing system, you can use the door with hardly any effort, even when seated. It really is child's play!

What do I do to adjust the temperature of the water when I am already in the bath?

You can fill your bath up with complete confidence, because the water temperature is controlled by an automatically controlled thermostatic mixer tap. So you can guarantee that you can take your bath at the desired temperature.


Why is it good to have an adjustable bed?

Everyone has a different body shape, so the position needs when resting and lying down are also different. The bed adjustment is also set to the nearest centimetre at the top and bottom of the body: this way, you will find your most comfortable position

When I get up in the morning, my back hurts – can your beds help me?

The back pain comes from pressure exerted at the wrong place during the sleep. With a standard bed, it is you that has to adapt to your bed, but this is not possible because we are all different. We have designed our beds so that they adapt to your body shape in two ways: through internal adjustments and through a 55 kg/m³ viscoelastic foam

How do I get rid of my current bed?

We take care of everything, our teams will do that and you do not have to worry about it.

My husband and I have completely different body shapes, so we therefore do not have the same needs – do you have a solution?

We have a good understanding of this issue, and it is in addition behind the invention of our new design by our research teams: our bed can be adjusted differently on both sides, all that needs to be done is to modify the settings. Each person can therefore find the most comfortable sleeping posture for them.

Which sleeping and rest position do you recommend?

There are four positions that will be explained to you: recovery, regeneration, relaxation and detox 


Where can you go with these scooters?

Just about anywhere! According to articles R.217 and R.218 of the Code de la Route [Highway code], electric mobility scooters and their users are considered to be the same as a pedestrian. You can use it in shops, on pavements, in the street, and so on.

Can the scooters be transported in a car?

Yes, they can be dismantled very easily. Some models slide into the boot of any car.

Are they difficult to drive?

Not at all, on the contrary. Everyone can drive them: you have an operating lever to go forwards and backwards, that's all! And braking is automatic.

I see that you offer several models. How do I know which one would suit me?

We offer you a free demonstration at home with one of our advisers. He or she will show you our various models and you can even try them without any commitment on your part.

Are your scooters guaranteed?

Yes, they all have a 12-month guarantee. Under certain conditions, you can have a 36-month guarantee and get advantageous rates on maintenance contracts. Everything will be explained to you by your adviser.