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Indépendance Royale's know-how has built up gradually, slowly, as the years have passed, by listening to our customers and understanding their needs. When you choose Indépendance Royale, beyond the product, you know that you will also be supported by this incomparable amassed experience.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Not just on the choice of our products but also the choice of their installation, use, and after-sales service, we adhere to four very clear imperatives:

  • Safety: even beyond the standards
  • Robustness: products that are tested and proven, without compromising on quality
  • Simplicity: instinctive and immediate control
  • Comfort: bringing together the best of ergonomic research

These principles appear simple; however, for three generations we have learned that they make the
difference: this is what we want to share with you.

Indépendance Royale is a well-known company, we are for example:

  •     A founder member of the Institut du Maintien à Domicile [Home-Care Institute]
  •     Gold medals at the Lépine awards

This recognition from our professional peers is the manifestation of the excellence of our reputation.

We give you three guarantees:

  • EC certification on all our products, as a result of strict tests that are carried out systematically on an international scale.
  • The European manufacturer's guarantee which covers the operation of all equipment for two years. On some products, we have brought the guarantee on main parts up to 5 years!
  • A maintenance contract, unique in France, running up to 4 years and including two annual inspection.

The efforts of Indépendance Royale's teams have found expression in the obtaining of the NF standard, issued by the official authorities.. 

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