Ergonomic bed
For restful and regenerative sleep!

Idéalsom ergonomic beds

The combination of an intelligent mattress and an innovative bed base!

The correct functioning of numerous parts of the body depends on the well-being of your back. Thanks to its numerous technologies, IdealSom® acts directly on the alignment of the vertebrae to prevent or eliminate pain and offer the most refreshing sleep.

A revolutionary technological bed base

With the AEP® (Ajustement Ergodynamique Personnalisé - Customised Ergodynamic Adjustment), the IdealSom® slatted bed base combines 3 key innovative features which enable an adjustment that is appropriate for different parts of the body: bottom of the back, lumbar region and top of the back. As a result, IdealSom® moulds to the body in all positions adopted for perfect support.

A memory form mattress

Thanks to its 2 layers of visco-elastic foam, 5 and 13 cm thick, the IdealSom® mattress fits all body shapes and reduces the pressure exerted on the body by up to 30% compared to an ordinary mattress.

  • The right and left parts of the bed base are independent of each other.
  • The height is adjustable, making for effortless going to bed and getting up (adjustable feet).
  • Top-of-the-range materials: bed base with 5 adjustable areas, anti-dust mite and anti-perspiration mattress, solid frame…
  • Optional massage by oscillation (4 programmes)
  • Several sizes available. You can keep your bed linen!
  • Memory foam viscoelastic mattress
  • Remote control: 1 per bed base to adjust the position of the bed according to your needs

Free call from a landline

Green n° France : 0 800 58 58 58 Belgium : 0 800 79 410

  • Ergonomic beds
  • Ergonomic beds
  • Ergonomic beds
  • Ergonomic beds
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