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The most compact seat in its range

The SIMPLICITY chair has been designed for straight staircases without bends. Reliable, elegant and easy to use, you will appreciate its smoothness, versatility and extreme reliability.

Key features

  • Recharging points along the length of the rail
  • Smooth start and arrive
  • Carefully designed to blend in with your interior
  • Can be installed outside
  • Particularly comfortable seat
  • Compact motor directly integrated into the seat


  • Type of installation: monorail
  • Type of rail: aluminium
  • Operation: on batteries
  • Recharging points: recharging points throughout the length of the rail (no need to send the chair to a recharging point, it recharges wherever it has stopped)
  • Type of seat: foldable
  • Seat colours: beige
  • Pivoting: at the top
  • Type of footrest: foldable
  • Footrest pivoting: does not pivot with the seat
  • Remote controls: 2 remote controls
  • Safety: safety belt
  • Alarm: buzzer and self-diagnostics screen
  • Switch: power switch
  • Ignition key: yes    
  • Automatic Stair lift
  • Automatic Stair lift
  • Automatic Stair lift

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