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Our solutions for finding your independence and autonomy again: Stair lift, walk-in shower, walk-in bath, electric scooter, ergonomic beds.

Indépendance Royale is a specialist in mobility equipment and products for seniors. The solutions offered enable people to find their independence and autonomy again: electric stair lift, senior scooter, walk-in shower, walk-in bath, bath lift and ergonomic beds.

Discover our range of electric stair lists, which fit most types of staircase (straight or turning), our selection of walk-in showers and walk-in baths (spacious, adaptable and comfortable), our range of scooters for seniors adapted to your movements and requirements (3- or 4-wheel electric scooter, small or wide) and our IdealSom ergonomic beds for a restful and regenerative sleep.

Discover the different models of walk-in showers, bathes with door, bath lifts, stair lifts and electric scooters:

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Security : often beyond standards
Strength : tested products, proven without compromising on quality
Simplicity : easy to use, immediately
Certified NF : a French company
Customer satisfaction :

A French company

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